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Serving Federal and Tribal Clients

Our History

A Company Founded on Health, Wellness and Education

Entreprenuers and sisters, Marina TurningRobe and Monica Simeon developed Sister Sky from a startup that began in 1999 as a home based business to a diversified company today that includes two divisions: 

Sister Sky natural solutions from native roots.

Natural Products

Nineteen years ago, Inspired by their heritage, company founders created natural products containing traditional herbs that were used by their ancestors for health and wellness.   The sisters grew the company from a home based business to a large scale manufactured product line distributed nationally today.  For more information on the products division go to:

Professional Services

The success of the small family owned, natural products company caught the attention of Native American leaders who invited the sisters to speak to tribal members about business ownership. The sisters began to deliver training and technical assistance services in 2009 as certified instructors in workforce development and entrepreneurship curriculum.  Sister Sky received SBA 8(a) certification in 2014 and focuses on contract work that supports Native American communities and underserved populations.

Sister Sky, Inc.

“Our  company purpose has been firmly rooted in Native American communities;  first with products and now with services.”           

-Marina TurningRobe, President & Founding Partner  – Enrolled Citizen of the Spokane Tribe