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Serving Federal and Tribal Clients

Taking Native Business to the Next Level

by Sister Sky, Inc.

A Native-owned company invented the Tanka Bar, a bison-meat bar based on the traditional Lakota dried bison mixture, wasna. But a non-Native competitor with a similar product swooped in and secured a $100 million deal with General Mills. In this program, we’ll talk about what Native businesses need to break through business barriers and what pitfalls to avoid.

“Our success from the beginning has been built on partnership. To grow our brand from a hobby based business to a nationally distributed line, we had to understand the big players and how they operate.  We had to link up with them and demonstrate our value and worth, all while staying true to our mission, vision and values,”  Monica Simeon, President and Founder, Sister Sky. 


  • Mark Tilsen – president and co-founder of Native American Natural Foods
  • Monica Simeon (Spokane and Paquachin) – co-founder of Sister Sky
  • Louie Gong (Nooksack) – founder and CEO of Eighth Generation

Link to show: